Seven Years of Gulliver

by The Vévé Seashore

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(free) 02:22


After a mysterious disappearing of their debut on low weight vinyl we rerelease this fine album as digital download.

Helium folk, digital breakdown and a rotten can of kraut(rock).

Follow the Vévé Seashore on their labyrinthine paths edged with marvelous simple pop hooks and through knee-deep psychedelia.

Prepare a cup of coffee for your fears and enjoy.

"Psychedelic and garagey scrubbing kicks, gentle and hearty folk cotton fields ... various gems are around them and their album indeed. Totally what a splendid Kraut-ish Acid Folk stuff.
How wonderful and fascinating this bulky gap between sweetness and madness is ..." Keishiro Maki


released February 1, 2011

recorded 2007
overdubbed 2007 - 2009

Elroy Oversex - vox, stonewashed nylon six string, VCS 3 climax z9
Lord Fuck - kinderklavier, korg MS20, space organ, rickenbacker bass (stolen from Roger Waters, or Lemmy, we don’t know anymore)
Atomherr Zoppa - drums on #5




The Vévé Seashore Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Bitter Advice
Hide your head in the ground
And be sure that your trail cannot be found
And when you found shelter in that ground
Oh please be sure your heart doesn't make a telltale sound

And when you lose yourself
In someone else
Your feeble will won't survive
His killer cells
And it's no good
It's no good
It all ends up in tears
Oh baby, it's no good
It's no good
When your heart is full of fears

And when you think that you're in love
Oh be forewarned or easier: give it all just up
And it's no good
It's no good
It all ends up in tears
Oh baby, it's no good
It's no good
When your heart is full of fears
It's no good,
It's no good,
Just choose the safest way:
To be alone
Track Name: Lamb with Claws (The U)
It seems my friend
That I was in love
With a monologue
Of my past
U was a lion without teeth
Fear and loneliness made me believe
In the vintage slavery clause
Me, a lamb with claws
Track Name: Marbles on the Stairs
He's living in a warped old shack
The only sound there's a tea kettle
Just carrying his little world on the back
And fightin his poor inside battle

A fight against a girl he doesn't know anymore
All the birds of fire have flown towards the east
Collecting dried up jellyfish at the muddy shore
Is all what keeps away the beast
There's no contact to it anymore

Give him back his blood
Or just save him from the flood
Rise your hands and grab his hairs
And take off all his marbles from the stairs
Track Name: Hookfish
You left me like a mugged storage
For surgical instruments
You left a drank up brook
With fervid gangrene for me to descend

You cut the chord
You threw some jacks overboard

Morse code of the 30's
With a thin-skinned sealed alliance
Negotiating all those lunar craters
Passed in real-time science
I'd like to get these pictures
And drown them like young child dogs

Stay with your bonefish-crew
I chaff my memories with the screw
You cut the chord
You threw all your jacks overboard

You only swim
With fishes at the hook
You only swim
With fishes at the hook
That's your kind of freedom
That's okay
It's your normal way
That's your kind of disorder
That's all fine
Oh baby-blue I got mine...
Track Name: A Cup of Coffee for Your Fears
Make yourself a day – full of true hurray
Make a cup of coffe and ask them all to stay
All these ugly goons – all these deadly junes
Make a cup of coffe and ask them all to stay

Don’t run away from your fears
Be as one with them
All that killed you for years
Be as one with it

It’s a wonderful day
Ask them all to stay
It’s a wonderful night
Make yourself allright
Track Name: Seven Years Carpet
Oh, the rabid dogs they enter the room
And piss in every corner
Oh, the barking sound of the captive machine
Marking their territory

I needed seven years to finish my carpet
And now I can walk on the water
I needed seven years to exorcise
The schoolyard demons

Black anchors in trees
From the ships that I called
To harvest the fruits from the crowns